About us

Stanton Sales, a leader in the independent sales representative field, offers both coverage and solutions for all of North America.  Stanton Sales has offices located in Pennsylvania and Georgia, as well as satellite offices located in California and Michigan.  Our elite sales force represents manufacturers and distributors in the medical, laboratory testing, packaging, RFID, industrial, and sophisticated life science research instrumentation industries, with a product line ranging from disposable to capital equipment.

P.O. Box 22101                                                                                                            Lehigh Valley, Pa. 18002                                                                                              610-417-3792                                                                                                                fax 610-882-0696                                                                                                           smele@stantonsales.com

2210 Nine Oaks Dr.                                                                                                        Kennesaw, Ga. 30152                                                                                                    770-424-4244                                                                                                                 fax 770-426-7179                                                                                                           rslaten@stantonsales.com